Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Reading this makes me weep !

"One psychiatrist has asserted that Hubbard reversed therapies used to reduce obsession, so creating obsessive disorders."

So crazy,so mad, so delusional.They live among us.Like something out of a nightmare.

Reading about L.Ron Hubbard and Scientology has give me such a major gratitude list. I am so happy to be able to see the world through relatively un-scarred eyes.


As the Wollersheim case demonstrated, Scientology "auditing" can have a profoundly destructive effect After a survey of 48 groups, Conway and Siegelman reported that former Scientologists had the highest rate of violent outbursts, hallucinations, sexual dysfunction and suicidal tendencies. They estimated that full recovery from Scientology averaged at 12.5 years.

Members are entirely saturated with Hubbard's delusional and unscientific view of the universe. They come to see themselves as part of a small elite, harassed on all sides by a gigantic conspiracy. Scientologists speak and think in an elaborate language created by Hubbard (Scientology dictionaries run to over 1,000 pages of definitions). They are drilled to present a calm, cheerful appearance, whatever their real feelings. Most become "auditing junkies", unable to face life without regular "sessions". All aspects of the individual's life are invaded, as Hubbard held forth on almost every subject from business management to child rearing.

Scientology induces a phobic reaction towards mental health practitioners, so ex-members are usually unwilling to seek professional help in untangling themselves. This situation is compounded by the inability of most mental health practitioners to understand the cult experience. So most former Scientologists drift into other cult groups, or derivatives of Scientology such as est (the Forum or Landmark), Avatar, Dianasis, Re-Evaluation Co-Counselling, or Idenics.

Mental Health practitioners who have had contact with former Scientologists have diagnosed their condition as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. One psychiatrist has asserted that Hubbard reversed therapies used to reduce obsession, so creating obsessive disorders. Former members report a high incidence of Chronic Fatigue Disorder a lack of motivation and energy. However, as yet no research has been undertaken to confirm these reports.

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