Tuesday, May 8, 2007

God ! I am so Tired of the Big Dinosuars

Will will ever be rid of them ? I have become a big fan of this blog called TechDirt, these guys have their finger on the pulse, that is for sure. The old media business models are not only dying, they are effectively dead.

Dead in the sense that there is no longer any vision, the connection to their customer base has been disconnected. The companies that have created animals like the RIAA, Sony , BMG, Atlantic to name a few have gone to the extent of tracking down and suing teenagers, grandmothers and college students.

The world of traditional media and marketing has been turned on it's head, and the clock is ticking. Many of these giants will survive, but in the end only by listening to what the customer wants.

The RIAA is a perfect example. For years, the record industry has been delivering shoddy product, lousy production, crappy records, expensive and bad. I used to talk about it before I abandoned the notion of even attempting to buy a new CD. I would hear something I liked on the radio, rush to buy the CD only to find that there was an A side, a B side and the rest of the albums was recorded and produced in a noisy garage without any heart and soul that a garage band would have.

The attitude many people I talk to about these unfolding events is all pretty much the same. Oh, yeah, I stopped buying CDs a long time ago. Expensive crap. Now you can't even find anything on the radio that you would even want to buy, due to the music industry's control of the airwaves. It's not like there isn't great talent out there, it has just become impossible to find through traditional ways (like listening to the radio)

Many of us can't wait till they crash and burn in the Hell of their own making. Just like what we are watching with the current Bush Administration !

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